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What do I love about myself?

As I’m deeming this my summer to self-discovery, I believe it would be awesome for me to write a list of what I love about myself and then compare to the end of the summer after I’ve done some more inner work and self-reflection. And please don’t judge me for this list because I fucking love myself and there may be some interesting things on here.

  1. I love how beautiful I am. Even though I may not be a conventional beauty, I think I am so damn gorgeous; nobody can tell me different.
  2. I love my body the way it is now even though I could definitely improve. I want to work on getting my more toned body back {+booty} over the summer.
  3. I love my sense of humor. I think I’m pretty funny, tbh.
  4. I love my hair and being able to do whatever I want with it. I have always been experimental when it came to my hair – especially when I got to college. I’m now in the process of growing it back out so stay tuned for many wigs + hair tutorials ?
  5. I love my freaking personality. I honestly think I’m a pretty cool person. Yeah, I may not be for everyone but I’m confident enough in myself to know that if someone doesn’t like me – it’s more about them than it is me.
  6. I love my entrepreneurial + creative mindset sooooooo freaking much. I’m not really sure where it came from, but it just is not in me to work for someone else when I can really invest in making my own brand. I hope that part of me never dies.
  7. I love my laugh. It’s hella cute.
  8. I love my intuition. I love that I feel vibes from different people and things. It has been so helpful in helping me make tough decisions and staying safe.
  9. I love my ability to smile through the pain. I’ve been doing this since I can remember. It may not be the healthiest thing right now, but I will always be grateful for this part of me because it has helped me realize that I am way stronger than I ever would’ve imagined.
  10. I love that I am able to live in chaos and feel completely comfortable; however, I am even happier when I’m in calm waters.
  11. If you know me, you might hate me for this butttttttt – I love that I am somewhat pushy and high strung because it helps me continue to push myself and those around me to be the best freaking version of themselves that they can be. OR to do that thing that they keep talking about but won’t do ?
  12. I love how open I can be at certain times, but I also love that I can also be quiet and keep my thoughts to myself if I feel like it.
  13. I love my forgiving heart even though it can be a major pain in the ass sometimes.
  14. I love the way I yell sometimes as an inside voice – I try to stop it, but I can’t causeeeeee ? I GET IT FROM MY MAMA
  15. I love that I am truly working on so many goals in my life to help secure my future.
  16. I love how I am unapologetically me at like all times.
  17. I love how my family has instilled all of these amazing values in me + the person that I have become because of them.
  18. I love the way I talk even though some may tell me that I sound very white. It doesn’t bother me that someone talks about me for speaking correct english.
  19. I love how my upbringing has shaped me in ways that I cannot even explain. I’m so thankful for the sacrifices that were made for me to have that.
  20. I love my spontaneity – it hasn’t gotten me in trouble yet. Just a whole lot of fun + tattoos.
  21. I love my love for silence. It’s so therapeutic to be able to be on my own + in silent without feeling some type of way.
  22. I love my independence.
  23. I love my adaptability. I feel as though I’m able to make something out of nothing in whatever position I am.
  24. I love my ability to manifest things – I’ll be living my dream life soon.
  25. I love my willingness + determination to follow my dreams. I’m going to get everything that I want and more.

    Tell me a few things that you love about yourself below ?

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