Explore Birmingham ~ Ruffner Mountain

So Jesus and I decided to get a little physical over the past weekend and go on a hike at Ruffner Mountain! If you don’t know what Ruffner Mountain is, it’s a hugeeee nature preserve in Birmingham, AL complete with loads of awesome hiking trails and a visitor center with super cool exhibits.

Let me just say… it was BEAUTIFUL and I really enjoyed the hike even though it was almost 4 miles that I was not prepared for. Despite the long route we took, I would definitely go again and would advise anyone interested in nature to go take a visit!

We took the trail from the front of the mountain that lead us to the quarry BUT we didn’t go all the way to the quarry. We decided to take the overpass trail {you start seeing signs for it once you get closer to the quarry} that gives you a higher view! Jesus also tricked me into doing a loop trail that I stupidly thought looped around the mountain but it really just looped back to the same trail πŸ™„

P.S. we took Maisie with us and she was a champ! She loves being outdoors πŸ˜„

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