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My Dream Wedding

Hey y’all! It’s me, Jhalen ~ just daydreaming about my future again, but this time it’s all about my dream wedding! I’ve always dreamed about my wedding but for as long as I can remember, the dream has been the same. I definitely want a small wedding like around 100 people or less but it would be even more ideal to have a wedding with 75 people or less. Not only do I want my wedding to be small + intimate for details that I will reveal later, but I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on it because I would rather spend the big bucks elsewhere.

P.S. Just a head’s up that the aesthetics of the photos included here will change depending on the location that I am thinking about at the time. Don’t think I’m crazy haha


Invitations + Save the Dates

Our invitations and save the dates will definitely be DIY + colorful to match the color scheme duhhhhh – I’ll also have the color scheme included below so you can see 🙂

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Bridesmaids + Groomsmen

I really don’t want there to be anyone in my wedding other than me and the groom. I honestly just don’t want to deal with other people’s issues on my big day. Call me selfish, but I really just want to focus on my man and being in each other’s presence along with our dearest + closest friends and family.


If my future husband just says that I have to have bridesmaids because he really wants his friends or family in the wedding, then I’m drawing the line at 3 bridesmaids. Even though I don’t want bridesmaids, I will definitely have a special way for my girls to be recognized at the wedding. I also want to have a bachelorette party + girl’s trip before the big day.

Colorful Bridesmaids
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There are a few locations in my home state of Alabama that I have always dreamed of having my wedding at just because I think they’re so cool. These include the Birmingham art museum, Mobile Museum of Art, historic Malbis nursery, a courthouse, a town hall or a cool vintage theater. For most of these venues, there may be a fee to rent them but you won’t have to do much in terms of decoration because they all carry their own vibe and it’s not really needed.

Historic Malbis Nursery - Spanish Fort, AL
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Dress + Accessories

I definitely want a dress that will turn heads and isn’t the most traditional wedding wear to match the cool venues that I picked out. I’m not sure what types of shoes that I would wear because that totally depends on my dress. At this point, instead of a veil I definitely want to wear a fancy headband, bourettes or a fascinator hat. I want my bouquet to be a brooch bouquet that’s hella colorful – maybe even incorporate a few real flowers. OR I would definitely want a mixed sunflower bouquet.

Head Piece
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Two of the few things that we will be splurging on are a photographer and a videographer because of course I want the day to be well documented so that I can have these memories forever. Oh and very important announcement – PHONES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT THE CEREMONY OR RECEPTION {if we have one}. I think people are way too into their phone nowadays and I do not want my photographer to have to deal with people trying to take sucky pics with their phones and ruin the ones that I pay for. There will also be no kids. With it being such a small wedding, I do not want to waste seating or food on a kid that 1) won’t remember it 2) won’t be able to have as much fun as an adult because they can’t participate in all of the activities. If we have the wedding at a museum, nursery or theater – I definitely want mixed match couch seating to add some cool + funky flavor to the wedding.

Colorful Couches
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We would probably only have a reception if we had the wedding at a nursery, art museum or theater because I hate having guests change venues – that’s just so annoying to me. If the town hall or courthouse has a large enough outdoor area, then that could also be an awesome option. The food will definitely be a mix between the groom and I’s favorites including my favorite food truck – Yoknapa Tacos. A staple for our reception will be a DIY photobooth consisting of a cheap + colorful version of the Kim Kardashian flower wall. As of now, I want the centerpieces to be painted + glitter mason jars with colorful fake flowers.

Centerpiece Example
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Alternative Wedding Idea

Having a wedding at a public park where there is no rental fee is the ultimate way to have a cheap + DIY wedding and it would actually be a DREAM. Just put up a few signs telling people not to come by because there is a wedding happening + make sure your venue is off the street and you’re good to go. Let me know in the comments if you want me to make a post about a park wedding including lots of DIY wedding plans that you can use! Here’s a few pics to explain what I mean.

DIY Park Wedding
This is from another DIY park wedding where they decorated the pavilion to use for the reception.
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Why do I want a small + cheap wedding?

I am really interested in having a small + cheap wedding not only because I want to be able to save and spend money on the things that really matter, but I also want to test my ability to ball on a budget. There is nothing more that will test your frugal ability than planning a wedding on a budget. However, there are some places where I will not plan on splurging which includes food, alcohol and the honeymoon! But really though, I’m going to be spending all of my money on the honeymoon b/c ya girl loves to travel ?

Thanks for checking out my dream wedding ~ this is basically my Pinterest board in a blog post and I love looking at this way. What are your dream wedding plans? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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  • Alecia

    This was a good read! I’m currently planning what you call a small and intimate wedding, which started out the way you spoke about. Less than 100 people, small wedding party, “small” budget. I swear I had it all figured out and was going to be able to pull off this wedding while staying in budget. Let’s just say, 100 days left in the wedding came and the budget has changed smh. Lovely dream though!

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