Meet the Family: Maisie aka Lil Bitch

Hey everybody, I feel like it’s time that I introduce y’all to lil bitch Maisie.

Maisie is my lifelong partner in crime and I’m so happy to have her pick me two years ago. I was at my first college apartment just hanging out miinding my business when I found out that the Oxford-Lafayette humane society had dogs down at the pool for people to play with. All of these dogs were adoptable, btw. So I did what every procrastinating college student would do and went down to the pool to play with the dogs, duh. Then I saw her… She was literally the cutest thing ever. White + fluffy in all the right places ? Once I got down to the pool, I just sat there looking at all of the dogs for a minute and talking to the volunteer about the ones that were hanging out around us. And then she came to me… The crazy ball of fur CAME TO ME! And she got in my lap. We sat there laying out at the pool while I pet her for like 30 minutes while I continued to talk to the volunteer about the many dogs they brought out.

Here’s Maisie’s story:

She was surrendered to the shelter the day before the event and she was so well-mannered that they decided to bring her. She had quickly become the office dog! She was around two years old and had obviously had puppies. It was suspected that she was being dumped after having a litter. This is literally all that I know about her – don’t even know her breed.

Anywhoooo, after hanging out with Maisie chillaxing at the pool for about 30 minutes, I knew that I HAD to have her. I began talking to the volunteer about how to adopt and she gave me all of the specifics. One requirement {since I was a college student and technically didn’t live on my own all year round} was that I had to have permission from my mother to adopt Maisie. In hindsight, this was a good precaution because I was 19 or 20 at the time and if it came to staying back at home or keeping Maisie – I honestly would have had to let Maisie go haha. So I called my mom… who called me all kinds of crazy and insane before finally giving in and letting me have permission to get her. I filled out all of the paperwork at the pool and planned to pick Maisie up after she was spayed and had all of her shots.

Pick up day from the shelter:

So the day finally came where I was able to pick Maisie up from the shelter for her freedom ride! I was so excited and had prepared all weekend to get the house ready and get her some stuff that she could come home to. Once I got there, it was quite chaotic because it was a big pickup day for the humane society as they had adopted out a lot of dogs the prior week. I got there and patiently waited my turn to get my sweet lil fur ball. Well… as it turns out, my lil sweet fur ball was not so sweet that day or the many weeks to come. She was a complete bitch actually, but it wasn’t her fault at all now that I’m a little more educated. Since Maisie had gotten spayed that day {without medicine} she was VERY agitated and annoyed. She wouldn’t let anybody touch her {including me} and even tried to bite the tech that was supposed to give her the shots she needed to be fully vaccinated. She was such a biotch that I had to take her home in one of the humane society’s crates because no one could get her out. Once I got her home, she was a complete recluse for about a week and a half. She didn’t eat, didn’t let me touch her, nothing. I was so nervous that I had gotten a crazy dog that would never like me and I was just stuck. In retrospect, I should’ve been thinking about how poor Maisie felt all that time because I now know that she must have been hurting something serious to act that way.

She finally warms up to me:

After waiting almost two weeks to have any interaction with Maisie, she finally came around and started being the sweetheart that I knew she was. But just like a sour patch kid, she was sweet and she was sour. I have sooooo many stories of Maisie tearing up that first apartment including learning how to open the bathroom door so that she could get to the toilet tissue and destroy it all across my room. Another time, she somehow got into my red lipstick and ate it all resulting in her being pink for like a week. No matter what though, I love my lil bitch {her nickname given to her by all my friends; can you guess who big b is?} and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.


If you ever have the chance, I would totally suggest adopting from your local animal shelter and not shopping because there are so many deserving pets that need homes. Have you added a little fur baby to your family? Tell me all about it ?

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