Explore Birmingham ~ Impromptu Day Off

Y’all today has been so perfect & it wasn’t even supposed to turn out like this. I ended up with the day off and had to BEG my bf to get out + go do stuff. Thursday is his day off too & he likes to rest but that’s besides the point. We went to Jackson’s & enjoyed a DELICIOUS lunch – which he totally picked out himself {I can always trust him to take me to stuff I like b/c he knows me so damn well ?}. Then we went to Urban Suburban by total accident & fell in LOVE. It’s huge & we had so much fun exploring all of the vendors’ items. Then we headed to Seasick Records which just so happened to be opening up as we were leaving {the only reason we were in the area was to go by b/c we want a record player for the house}. Life works in mysterious ways y’all. We got to learn about record players + pick out the one that fit our needs the best with the help of their awesome salespeople. Last but not least, we went to get ice cream from Big Spoon Creamery which is a venture from my original favorite ~ Edgewood Creamery – but I’m down to try anything once.

Have you ever been to any of these places? If so, let me know how you liked them in the comments below ?

Jackson's - Birmingham, AL
Eating with my boyfriend Jesus at Jackson’s. He got a delicious burger.
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