Brunchin’ + Beachin’

I spent my #SundayFunday brunching + beaching + eating with some of my fave people. I needed an outfit that I was able to wear to both – LUCKILY, I have this amazing swimsuit from Amazon that doubles as a super cute top. My pants and purse came from my favorite thrift store ~ Lovelady Thrift Store in Birmingham, AL for less than $5.

My shoes are the brand Sbicca which are super comfy + stylish AND I got them for a fraction of the price during Dillard’s clearance event about two weeks ago. Last but not least, my favorite scarf is from my mom’s closet – my absolute favorite place to shop. Can anyone relate? Haha

*Style Tip* – Check your local thrift store to see if that have those trendy items before you spend a lot of $ on something that may not make it past the current season. I’ve seen these types of purses EVERYWHERE and I’m damn sure nobody else got there’s for $1 😉

*Style Tip #2* – If you feel like your outfit is missing color, add a small accessory that POPS! I love tying a colorful scarf on my purse when I’m not feeling colorful enough 💕

What I’m wearing:

Swimsuit: Amazon Fashion

Pants: thrifted from Lovelady Thrift Center

Shoes: Sbicca Footwear

Purse: thrifted from Lovelady Thrift Center


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